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Avoid the Dangers of Low Tire Tread

Are you worried about the stopping power of your vehicle? Do you hate driving in the rain because your vehicle is hard to keep on the road or slides through intersections? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then it is a good idea for you to come out to Casa Ford Lincoln today and let our service professionals inspect and change your tires.

Many times, the aforementioned symptoms are due to improper tire tread. 

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Start Preparing Your Pre-Road Trip Checklist Today

The best time to take care of roadside troubles with your vehicle is before you ever leave the driveway. These safety tips will help you to be able to make short work of getting a failing car back on the road and to the nearest service station.

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Why Buying Genuine Replacement Car Parts is Smart Decision

The last thing that you want to be doing after making a repair to your car is to set aside time to buy more of the same parts and do the repair again. This is exactly what is happening when you buy car parts from the discount parts shop.

The local discount parts store is able to promote their products so cheap because they buy them overseas where quality is often compromised for less expensive parts. These parts might not fit as they are intended, so you will wind up back at the shop to spend your money again in…

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Fluid Service

One of the worst things every car owner thinks about is servicing their vehicle. Everyone has a bad experience of taking a car to get fixed or serviced and had a horrible experience. Another thing they think about is if they will have to take time off of work or personal time to have to take the car to the place to get serviced. One of the easiest services is fluid servicing. This is required to keep your car running right and efficiently. If the fluids run low, your car will not be able to get from point A to…
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What Are Your Options After Your Current Lease Ends?

You've been enjoying your vehicle for a while now. You've likely become accustomed to its performance and features as well. Have you thought about what you will do once your lease reaches its conclusion? It is a good idea to know your options so that the process will go more smoothly.

Turning in your vehicle and walking away is the most obvious option. However, you will be left without a car if you do this.

An alternative is to lease another car from Casa Ford Lincoln. If you had a good experience the first time, then why not…
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Halloween Safety Tips

The night of Halloween is one of the most exciting times of the year for millions of kids across the country. While it can be a very fun experience for people of all ages, it is also a very busy time and can make for some very difficult driving situations. For those that are looking to drive on the night of Halloween, there are several tips that should be followed to ensure that they drive safely.

One of the most important tips to follow is to always drive with caution. On Halloween night you will be driving on streets that…
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What Makes A Great Trunk-or-Treat Party?

What makes a great Trunk-or-Treat vehicle? Trunk-or-Treat events are amazingly popular these days. Kids get to browse many vehicles in a short span of time for candy. They sometimes pick out the vehicles they enjoyed most. Many vehicle owners struggle to come up with a great theme. Here is what makes a great Trunk-or-Treat vehicle.

Be Memorable
A good Trunk-or-Treat vehicle will have the kids talking about it once the event is over. The vehicle stands out from the crowd. It's memorable.

Be Recognizable…
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Buying a Used Car Should Be Easy

As you search El Paso for a used car, remember to visit Casa Ford Lincoln because we feel that buying a used car should be an easy process. You should be able to step onto our lot and take a look at the vehicles that meet your needs and expectations.

Once you have found a vehicle you love, taking that vehicle home with you should be simple. At Casa Ford Lincoln we make getting your used car so easy anyone can do it. Our showroom and car lot are packed full of vehicles that you are going to love, and…
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GAP Insurance—Just A Good Idea

GAP insurance is a great thing. It will cover you in the event that your car is totaled or stolen.

Wait, isn't that what your insurance is for?

Insurance will only cover the cost of what your car is worth and not necessarily what you owe on your vehicle. So if your car is considered to be worth $30,000, but you actually owe about $35,000 on it, you will be left paying the remaining $5,000 that your insurance company won…
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Lincoln's 2018 Navigator: The Biggest and the Best

The 2017 Lincoln Navigator stood a cut above other 2017 SUVs thanks to its size and power. The 2018 Lincoln Navigator will deliver even more.

Measuring 221.9 inches long, the 2018 Lincoln Navigator will be a foot longer than its 2017 predecessor. That extra length will add ten inches to the SUV's wheelbases and 15 extra cubic feet of cargo room. It will also expand on the previous model's interior. That's definitely saying something when you consider how spacious the 2017 Lincoln Navigator was.

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